Have you been struggling to keep up on the latest IIoT news? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Below is a summary of key stories from the past week. In these articles, you will learn what predictive maintenance means for manufacturing, the differences in IoT cloud platform pricing, how to take a closer look at the industrial edge, and more. Grab some coffee or tea and enjoy!


Predictive maintenance with IoT: What it means for manufacturing – Have you considered the many benefits predictive maintenance can bring to your manufacturing facility? This article discusses some of the top advantages, including predicting and preventing hardware failures, optimizing maintenance routines, strengthening workplace safety, enhancing product quality and customer service, and leveraging IoT to bolster predictive analytics. (Source: Manufacturing.net)

Oil & Gas

Securing the software-driven fully networked digital oil field – Moving beyond the previous generation of analog technologies, today’s oil companies deal with the complexities of a web of wells connected to separation tanks, storage tanks, control centers, and groundwater wells across large territories. To facilitate better operational efficiency, greater visibility, and improved human safety, the digital oil field concept emerged. But it’s important to remember physical and digital security. This article outlines some key vulnerabilities. (Source E&P Magazine)


Can IoT help you build a safer workplace? – Advancements in IoT are enabling the rise of connected devices such as wearables and sensors, which is resulting in significantly reduced worker injuries. Real-time data can prevent the likelihood of employee injuries by bringing a potential danger to their attention before it becomes a real threat, such as a worker identifying an electrical box that is too hot to touch, eliminating the risk of burn injuries. (Source: TechHQ)

Other IIoT News

451 sorts IoT cloud platform pricing with machine learning – Are you looking to get the most bang for your buck when selecting the best cloud platform for your IoT deployments? 451 Research recently evaluated IoT cloud pricing, reviewing the major players: Microsoft, Google and Amazon. The researched is aimed at helping enterprise decision-makers understand the cost implications of different IoT deployments. (Source: IoT Institute)

Two views of the industrial edge – A lot of companies are struggling to identify precisely where (or even what) the industrial edge is. This makes it difficult to deploy an effective operational analytics strategy. This article explores the industrial edge environment from both operating and network infrastructure perspectives, so that you can begin to think about how IIoT now binds the two together into a cohesive whole. (Source: ARC Viewpoints)