We are back again with key IIoT stories from the past week. Don’t miss these important discussions on how manufacturers are leveraging data to ensure minimal waste, top considerations in an edge computing deployment and how a lack of  skilled IoT professionals is threatening IoT adoption. Enjoy!


Data-the path to minimal manufacturing waste – Are you looking for ways to determine the flaws in your conventional manufacturing practices while also taking advantage of lean manufacturing? This article explains how leveraging IoT and big data can help you to ensure minimal material wastage. (Source: CIOReview)

The connected factory and more: 5 examples of how IIoT is changing manufacturing – IIoT technology is a key part of the fourth industrial revolution. ENGINEERING.com’s Isaac Maw thoroughly details  five ways you can apply IIoT in your manufacturing facility: (1) instituting true predictive maintenance, (2) controlling an operation remotely, (3) improving internal collaboration, (4) applying artificial intelligence and (5) achieving full digital transformation. (Source: Engineering.com)

Other IIoT News

Industrial Internet Consortium publishes “Edge Computing in IIoT” paper – The Industrial Internet Consortium has recently released its IIC Introduction to Edge Computing in IIoT white paper, which outlines the building blocks necessary for edge computing implementations. (Source: IoT Evolution World)

Let’s get familiar with: Internet of Things (IoT) –  IIoT adopters require countless technical personnel, as it is highly unlikely for a business to have a single developer, possessing all technical skills required. This article explains how the increasing need for industries to get skilled developers paired with the skill gap is creating a barrier for companies to adopt IoT. (Source: Entrepreneur)

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