As acting CEO of Bsquare, Kevin Walsh, pointed out a few months ago, device management in the world of industrial IoT has become increasingly important. One of the largest differences between IoT-focused device management and traditional IT-driven device management is scale. To put some numbers behind it, Garter is predicting that the number of IoT devices will surpass 20 billion by 2020. For organizations that anticipated this growth, and developed a correspondingly robust device management strategy, this rapid proliferation – both in number of devices deployed and their diversity – isn’t daunting.

So, for organizations that have yet to adopt a device management strategy, it’s time to act. But before diving headfirst into developing a skunkworks solution or asking IT to allocate budget, set yourself up for success with insights and best practices from industry leaders around developing an edge-to-cloud device management strategy.

On Tuesday, July 24th at 10:00am PDT, Bsquare will be joining AWS, Eseye, and Intel for a live panel webinar. In addition to learning how these four Amazon Partner Network members can contribute to your edge-to-cloud initiatives, they’ll cover the benefits of a strong device management solution and share a case study of how a Fortune 100 company replaced their legacy MDM solution with a new, cloud-enabled, device management strategy.

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