Last month, I wrote an article for IoT Agenda sharing some takeaways for manufacturers from the front lines of Industry 4.0. With intense competitive and economic pressures increasingly pushing the manufacturing sector to move full-speed ahead into digital transformation, this topic is more timely than ever. Since Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products and services play a central role in modernizing operations for countless industrial businesses, I wanted to discuss a few highlights from the article here.

Full data utilization, the ability to extract meaningful business knowledge from their operational data, is a key component to Industry 4.0 across the manufacturing sector, yet only 3% of businesses have this capability. Connected equipment and factory automation will continue to spread throughout the industry, increasing the size and complexity of datasets that businesses must manage and analyze. That means 97% of manufacturers are putting themselves at a considerable competitive disadvantage.

Fortunately, an IIoT deployment can deliver the data insights to begin providing ROI in relatively short order. In fact, there are several IIoT applications that can improve results in a variety of ways across an operation. However, proper planning and execution are required to unlock the full potential of factory data. To discover how IIoT can become a manufacturer’s secret weapon, check out the full article here.