New IoT Journey Stages

Last time we discussed what you should consider before embarking on an IoT implementation and what it means to be ready. Adopting IoT isn’t a one-and-done type of strategy. As your organization matures, your needs change, and so too should your IoT strategy. In fact, in our experience we’ve found that successful IoT projects advance through five progressive stages. Your company may not need to complete every stage; it all depends on what business goals and outcomes you are trying to achieve.

Do you need to implement a soup-to-nuts IoT solution all at once? Not necessarily. Most companies take a phased approach to IoT, and your organization will likely fall somewhere between the beginning and the end of the IoT maturity model.

As your organization moves toward IoT maturity, it’s important to identify what business outcomes you expect to achieve and evaluate the benefits that each stage provides in order to determine the best IoT strategy for your business.

For a closer look at the five stages and how they can benefit your company, download the Five Stages of IoT white paper.

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