Corporations generate massive amounts of data and the increasing use of IoT technology is expanding the sizable data pool companies can access to make informed decisions. In a recent survey, 78% percent of manufacturing, oil & gas, and transportation firms reported employing connected devices and simple data forwarding, yet only 56% had the ability to monitor or dashboard the data generated by those devices. This data visualization capability, at its core, simplifies complicated data sets to effectively and intuitively communicate important information – forming the basis for more complex and in-depth analytics.

Building insightful dashboards and visualizing data is an important step in developing an IoT initiative to achieve organizational value, but one that is easily attainable. In fact, Bsquare Director of Products Dave McCarthy recently wrote an article identifying key factors in building effective visualizations to provide a blueprint companies can use to gain greater data insights.

Presenting data in visual ways can enable teams to rapidly and accurately make decisions and achieve higher levels of collaboration. Even better, properly designed data visualizations can give non-experts the ability to identify relevant patterns and trends without understanding the intricate details of the underlying information. Such data democratization and sharing across departments allows everyone in the organization to better understand the underlying drivers of company success and contribute new ideas. Check out Dave’s full article here for guidelines and key considerations to optimize data visualizations.