DataV Drives The Next Generation of Peterbilt Trucks

Peterbilt was looking for ways to reduce diagnostic time and help its customers get critical fleet equipment back on line and generating revenue as quickly as possible. Bsquare DataV delivered.


Downtime can be incredibly disruptive to fleet operators. Aside from increased costs and potentially impaired reputation, if the wheels aren’t rolling revenue isn’t coming in.

Historically, the diagnostic process didn’t commence until the truck was in the service bay and diagnostic equipment connected to the engine service bus. Repair technicians had little, if any, advance indication of what the problem might be. As a result, mean-time-to-repair becomes unnecessarily long. Drivers are idled. Loads aren’t delivered.

Recognizing these challenges, and also suspecting that technology could be harnessed in service of maximizing uptime for its fleet customers, Peterbilt embarked on corporate-wide initiative to dramatically reduce the amount of time required to diagnose and repair its state-of-the-art heavy duty trucks and get them back on the road quickly.


Bsquare DataV provided Peterbilt with a software solution that would augment Peterbilt’s existing SmartLINQ system. Using a holistic approach, DataV IoT software collects and examines operating data from tens of thousands of heavy duty trucks as well as historical repair data. Built in a modular fashion, DataV is not only compatible with SmartLYNQ, but also with telematics devices provided by PeopleNet and workflow automation software from Decisiv.

The DataV solution includes an application, DataV Repair™, specifically built for service technicians. Based on real-time and historical data, DataV Repair provides technicians with a dynamically generated and continuously updated set of diagnostic steps that have the greatest probability of fixing the problem in the shortest time.

Bsquare partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide cloud infrastructure and advanced IoT platform services. Through the use of AWS services including Device Shadows, SQS, Elastic File System, and CloudWatch, Bsquare and AWS delivered a solution to Peterbilt that addresses a critical business problem and also ensures world-class security and scalability.


The solution delivered by Bsquare worked seamlessly with all Peterbilt systems and has been able to materially reduce MTTR—a critical success factor. As important from Peterbilt’s perspective, the “first time fix” ratio has dramatically improved.

From the view of Peterbilt’s dealer-based service centers, DataV not only improved their efficiency and throughput, it also enables junior technicians to get up to speed much more quickly, effectively making them “master mechanics.”

And for Peterbilt customers—fleet operators and drivers—it means less time waiting for services and more time driving for revenue.

Going forward, Peterbilt anticipates adding predictive and optimization capabilities to its growing arsenal of DataV-driven IoT tools.