Our Customers

Bsquare has developed, deployed, and operated IoT systems securely at scale for Fortune 500 and global businesses for more than 25 years. Here’s how a few of our customers have transformed their businesses using our technology and services. Ready to start your IoT journey? Contact us.

Embedded OS

Retail Point of Sale Manufacturer

Since 2004, we have helped a retail point-of-sale manufacturer build and configure its Microsoft Windows Embedded operating system images, lock down systems, and upgrade to new versions of Windows, starting from Windows CE 4.2. The manufacturer makes extensive use of SquareOne, allowing end users to recover devices from system corruption.




Using B2IQ Cloud Base, Bsquare monitors engine operating conditions and diagnostic trouble codes to notify PACCAR about issues with trucks in service. For trucks needing repair, technicians use an application developed by Bsquare with a rules engine and machine learning models to recommend diagnostic steps. The system minimizes vehicle downtime and reduces variation in diagnosis and repair.

Arcus Logo

Facilities Management

Arcus FM

Arcus FM monitors assets using the B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite. B2IQ Cloud Base collects operating information from various facility systems and combines that information with other data streams to feed a rules engine. The system helps lower repair costs, avoid unplanned downtime, and reduce equipment failures.

Itron logo



Using B2IQ Edge and B2IQ Cloud Base, Bsquare helps Itron remotely monitor and update Itron’s smart meters. Itron’s system allows utility customers to dynamically and securely download apps that add customer-specific functionality to the meters.


European Retailer

A major European retailer automates transaction verification and manages the health of its legacy vending machines throughout Europe using B2IQ Edge and B2IQ Cloud Base. Bsquare collaborated with a hardware partner to develop a custom device that could be retrofitted with a screwdriver.


Global Beverage Manufacturer

Bsquare created a complete dispenser management system for a global beverage manufacturer using B2IQ Edge and B2IQ Cloud Base. The system provides a secure communications channel, offers near-real-time dispenser status, handles secure deployment of software assets, and allows the manufacturer to reconfigure the dispensers to suit the needs of its different customers.