Equipment is the lifeblood of the industrial organization and underperforming assets cost money, whether operationally or through revenue loss. By identifying the characteristics of machines operating at peak efficiency and applying those traits to subpar equipment, industrial companies can keep all vital equipment operating a peak efficiency for lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and better return on assets (ROA).



  • Improve operational performance
  • Compare and normalize output across the entire population of equipment
  • Synchronize activities between multiple assets
  • Perform “what if” simulations

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Bsquare’s software components capture data from an entire population of machinery and develop data models that drive recommendations on how operators can improve performance. Changes can also be made automatically depending on equipment and environment. The system helps identify consistently underperforming assets so that operators can investigate further for remediation or replacement. Once all equipment begins to perform at optimal levels, operators will see noticeable improvements in equipment reliability and productivity for lower operational costs. Optimization also extends the useful life of the equipment, helping conserve capital investment.