DataV Discover, part of the DataV IoT suite, provides a standardized and seamless method to determine if a data set has the right information in order to deliver on a specific business objective, such as predictive analytics. The app ingests the appropriate data, applies logic in order to transform and enrich the data elements into a common format, and then employs machine-learning algorithms to identify correlations and patterns in the data. In this manner, it validates the data set against the business objective for use in other DataV applications and displays results in a visual dashboard.

How does it work?
After purchasing DataV Discover through the AWS Marketplace, define your business problem (e.g. predict equipment failures to minimize downtime or reduce service costs by identifying false alarms), upload your data and get your results. Results timing will vary depending on defined business problem. Based on the results of the data analysis, we can work with you to plan the implementation of one our analytics based DataV apps: DataV Predict, DataV Repair, DataV Maintain, or DataV Optimize. At this time DataV Discover does not support DataV Manage or DataV Track.

By purchasing via AWS Marketplace, you can be up and running in hours and have the convenience of the subscription charges billed directly to your AWS account.

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