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Turn manufacturing data into actionable insights to improve operations

From raw material to final product, efficient management of your discrete manufacturing facility requires careful monitoring of every unit and production line. Your company must trim costs, improve yields, and ensure production quality, efficiency, and compliance to stay competitive.

The emergence of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology has highlightedthe importance of the sensors built into today’s manufacturing equipment. Moment by moment, these devices collect and transmit a rich repository of operational data that, when appropriately analyzed, can expose critical trends, parameters, anomalies, and insights to improve factory output and efficiencies.

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Maximize factory resource usage, efficiency, and output

While all DataV applications are suited for manufacturing environments, three that are particularly relevant are DataV Track, DataV Maintain, and DataV Optimize.

DataV Track reaches across all of your manufacturing equipment and systems to provide this missing factory-wide visibility and help you automate resource usage. The software aggregates
utilization data from all connected equipment and sources such as line-level PLCs, HMI systems, MES, EMI, parts inventories, and ERP systems. It then applies business and compliance policies
(rules-based logic) to make factory-wide data understandable and actionable, as well as to automate and orchestrate complex actions.

Service equipment according to need with DataV Maintain

By arming your teams with actual usage data, DataV Maintain helps you tailor maintenance schedules to each machine’s usage to reduce service costs and keep production rolling. Moreover, maintenance can occur at times best for the business, and there is less chance of production stopping breakdowns and costly major repairs.

Improve Production Efficiency and Yield with DataV Optimize

Keeping equipment running at peak efficiency ensures better production yield, but calls for an informed view into what’s going on in each component and assembly line. For instance, how do you know if the hydraulics are operating as expected? How can you get the best performance out of every paint bay according to its unique sprayers, climate environments, and other factors? All other things being equal, why are three of the same kind of CNC machines producing variable outputs?

DataV Optimize helps you answer questions like these with vital inside views into all your operational data, down to the minutest level your sensors can detect. The software can continuously aggregate and analyze information from across your production environment and build precise digital models of each component. Plant managers and technicians can compare these models to identify not only which units are underperforming, but also why they are  underperforming. They can then direct DataV Optimize to automatically calibrate machines against established baselines, and pursue prescriptive, corrective actions to influence overall performance.









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