The DataV Hybrid IoT Platform was designed from the ground up to help industrial companies get maximum business value from their critical assets by collecting, analyzing, and acting on data collected from connected equipment. Based on a deep understanding of the needs of industrial organizations, the IoT platform supports DataV applications by automating data analytics, rules generation, and algorithms. As a common IoT platform, it allows DataV applications to run concurrently and to share data and insights across the entire system, in addition to supporting integration with other operational and enterprise applications. This accelerates analytics processing and delivers integrated insights between enabled applications, while also allowing the system to become more intelligent over time through machine learning. User-friendly transparency into the system’s data analytics lets operators uncover what’s really occurring without the assistance of data scientists.



The DataV Hybrid IoT platform runs on premise, in the cloud, or a combination of both depending on an organization’s specific needs and investments. The DataV Hybrid IoT Platform has been designed to work independently or in conjunction with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for flexibility and scalability as needs change.

DataV is a combination of an IoT Platform where the data analytics, rules processing and algorithms reside and a set of dedicated applications that deliver specific business benefits and use cases. In all instances the core functions of the platform are required in order to support the applications; the ancillary functions may be provided by either AWS or Azure depending on customer needs.

DataV Use Case Applications

DataV also features a host of applications to address specific business use cases and the complex IoT needs of industrial organizations like predictive failure, adaptive diagnostics, IoT device management, condition-based maintenance, and asset utilization. Click here to learn more about DataV IoT.

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