Maximizing the uptime of revenue-generating equipment is a critical goal for all industrial companies. Failures can cost thousands of dollars in unplanned downtime and related warranty and service costs, in addition to frustrating customers. False positive alerts from equipment sensors can also drive up service expenses when technicians and trucks are deployed to find that no problem exists. Using sophisticated data analytics, these problems can be predicted and resolved before they occur, virtually eliminating unplanned downtime and reducing false positives up to 25%.



  • Improved uptime of critical assets
  • Advanced warning of asset failure
  • Automated root cause analysis
  • Identification of required parts and labor

Bsquare can identify probable failures by looking at the historical behavior of assets in similar operating environments. The system recommends and can automate specific corrective actions to head off potentially disastrous equipment failure. Reactive servicing due to equipment failure or time-based servicing can result in over- or under-serviced equipment. Data-driven service plans streamline repair processes and technician roles for improved operational efficiencies and reduced service costs. And, the elimination of unplanned downtime keeps revenue flowing and customers happy.

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