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Turn truck data into actionable insights to improve customer operations

Your job as a truck manufacturer involves much more than building a better truck. In today’s competitive marketplace, you also need to provide state-of-the-art parts and repair service that optimizes customer uptime while also reducing warranty claims.

That’s where the DataV hybrid IoT platform and its ready-to-use applications can help. DataV helps you make sense of all that vehicle data. It provides you and your customers with data that you both can use to make faster decisions for significant operational improvements and more uptime.

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Know what’s going to break before it breaks with DataV Predict

With DataV Predict, you can leverage data analytics to predict equipment failures so your customers know ahead of time what equipment may fail, which enables them to manage problems before they occur.

DataV Predict can help your customer understand when to take assets off the road and determine more flexible service intervals and strategies, which can lower a customer’s operating costs.

Reduce truck downtime and shorten service times with DataV Repair

DataV Repair takes DataV Predict a step further. It predetermines the necessary sequence of steps for repairs, and informs service technicians what is wrong with a truck and what parts are needed before a truck rolls into the service center.

When you can demonstrate how your customers can save money, streamline their operations, and increase their uptime, they’re much more likely to buy your trucks to build out their fleets.

Reduce warranty costs and the high cost of emergency repairs with DataV Maintain

DataV Maintain allows your customers to tailor their truck maintenance based on the actual real-time performance of the vehicle and its components, rather than relying on a service manual’s recommendations based on historical engine hour or mileage research. Customers can avoid downtime and emergency repairs, which can cost three to four times more than regular maintenance. At the same time, they can reduce service costs by determining optimal maintenance schedules.









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