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In the world of fleet management, uptime is a key business success metric. Unscheduled downtime disrupts the supply chain, resulting in lost revenue and other negative business impacts. To make matters worse, repair times are often measured in weeks due to the time it takes to diagnose a problem and obtain the needed parts. Not only does this affect the fleet owner, but manufacturers must manage growing warranty costs due to these inefficiencies.

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Increased Uptime

Real-time monitoring of data transmitted from truck telematics instantly detects Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) faults as they happen. Since most failure modes trigger multiple DTCs, DataV is able to analyze all of the active fault codes along with current operating parameters and assign probabilities highlighting the most likely root cause. If needed, DataV can ask the driver for information that is not available from sensor data such as visual inspection items. By understanding the most probable cause of a fault, parts inventory databases can be queried to determine which service center in the area is best equipped to quickly remediate the problem.

Reduced Warranty Costs

DataV’s real-time remote diagnostics analysis determines the severity of a fault, which is information drivers do not have today. DataV can take immediate action on additional damage caused by continued use of the truck by sending commands to the appropriate electronic control unit (ECU) in order to minimize further impact and decrease parts and labor costs.

The Bottom Line

IoT technology is finding its way into many businesses around the world. But for industrial applications such as commercial trucking, IoT has been proven to provide tangible financial benefits to manufacturers while at the same time delivering superior products with greater uptime characteristics to their customers.

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