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Through the deployment of smart sensors in monitoring and automating the myriad devices essential to running large facilities and remote installations, operators can better understand in real time how their assets are performing and have complete control over their network and device resources. Operators can leverage this intelligence to strengthen business processes by reducing production costs, improving reliability and optimizing overall performance to ensure better Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). A properly utilized IoT system allows operators to proactively manage their core assets via predictive failure warnings by identifying potential mechanical issues before they become serious. This level of amplified asset monitoring allows operators to optimize device settings, modify calibration and gain better visibility into the utilization of assets informing smarter management that ensures regulatory guidelines are followed.

Predictive Failure

DataV can reduce operational costs related to efficient resource management, mechanics and facilities through a myriad of avenues.
Through improved monitoring of physical asset data and advanced data analytics, costly maintenance deployments can be reduced by proactively identifying probable failures and taking corrective action before they occur. By aggregating and analyzing large data sets, operators can identify patterns and anomalies and benchmark those against historical trends to inform smarter decisions that can predict issues before it is too late. Proactive measures can trigger preventative maintenance protocols through predictive insights to inform corrective actions be taken to ensure failing equipment is remedied before operations are negatively impacted.

Increased Uptime

DataV can significantly reduce unplanned downtime through enhanced visibility into operations by providing better foresight and more detailed real-time analysis of natural resource activities, patterns and processing capabilities.
Indirectly and less tangible benefits also accrue through heightened safety and enhanced oversight to ensure regulatory compliance.

Automated Workflows

DataV can take immediate action by sending commands to the equipment in order to minimize further impact. This information allows service managers to assign a technician with the correct skills and ensures that only necessary parts are used and keep track of what work was actually performed. Furthermore, insights from physical asset data analytics can inform rules to trigger the automation of maintenance workflows and better focus diagnostic processes through enhanced troubleshooting.

The Bottom Line

Bsquare DataV, a complete IoT software stack, extracts business value from physical assets by making them intelligent, connecting them, and using the data they generate to automate and optimize operational processes. DataV transcends predictive analytic insights to inform smarter decisions and quickly automate workflow distribution to better optimize resource management and quality control processes. This helps the utility sector achieve greater asset utilization, maintain regulatory compliance and optimize production activity while avoiding costly, possibly catastrophic impacts on mission critical systems and infrastructure through enhanced monitoring and automation.





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