Driving The Next Generation Of Industrial Business Outcomes

Bsquare DataV IoT software is driving the next generation of industrial business outcomes. Whether in the cloud, on premise or both, the DataV IoT applications and hybrid platform are uniquely positioned to translate insights generated by industrial assets into critical operational improvements.

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DataV is a complete Internet of Things (IoT) software solution allowing business and industrial concerns to use data generated by myriad connected devices in order to drive better business outcomes. In virtually all cases these business outcomes are expressed as IoT use cases. In fact, every successful IoT initiative begins with clearly articulated use cases designed to drive tangible business benefits.

What are IoT Use Cases?

IoT use cases are the application of IoT technology in service of larger business objectives. Examples include predictive failure, adaptive diagnostics, IoT device management, condition-based management, asset optimization, and asset utilization. To varying degrees, these use cases can help organizations reduce costs and/or increase revenue.

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