A Curated IoT Reading List

by Dave McCarthy

As the head of products at Bsquare, I’ve got to keep my fingers on the pulse of the IoT — both the technologies involved and how industries are using it. When I’m not talking directly with customers about their initiatives I’m combing through articles and analyst reports.  I’ve pulled together some interesting and important IoT stories and research from the last couple months. Be sure to check back as I’ll provide quarterly updates, and if you have any “must read” materials, please share them.

451 Group’s 2018 Trends in the Internet of Things

First up, some interesting research from the 451 Group. In December they released their “2018 Trends in the Internet of Things.” I wanted to touch on three primary trends from the report that I found most interesting:

Download the 451 Research Report on IoT Trends here.

  1. IoT Adoption Will Continue to Grow Across All Industry Sectors, But for Different Reasons – With more than three-quarters of enterprises already deploying IoT, it’s interesting to see the breakdown 451 Group provides of where organizations are gathering data from and what’s driving these initiatives.
  2. Compute, Storage and Real-time Analytics Will Live at the Edge – Edge computing plays a huge role in IoT and as it moves forward, it will evolve into a multi-polar topology with compute and analytics at the edge, in the cloud and in multiple areas in between. The 451 Group gives seven reasons for this multi-polarity of compute, storage and analytics, including the need for low latency, the cost of bandwidth and much more.
  3. Industrial Equipment Vendors/OEMs Will ‘Build In’ IoT – The 451 Group offers a glimpse into the evolution of industrial IoT (be sure to check out the great graphic). As the industry progresses, we’re seeing a convergence of industrial methodology, IoT approaches and IoT technology. The firm recommends that enterprises try to remove as much hardware as possible from the stack as the move forward, and that vendors partake in industrial POC exercises to ensure interoperability between vendors.

IoT Moves to the Oceans

Moving on to a super-cool use of IoT technology. IoT is popping up in new industries and being applied to a range of new use cases. But, when I read this article from Government IT publication, Meritalk, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the possibilities. The Pentagon’s research arm announced a new program called the Ocean of Things, which is designed to find cost-effective methods of floating commercially available sensors around the world, and to collect and analyze that data via the cloud. The data collected could offer a range of benefits from advancing meteorological and oceanographic studies to military and commercial interests. You have to check out the article here or just skip to the actual announcement here.

Trends to Watch

This space moves fast and trends rise and fall, but when it comes to device management at scale, well, that never goes out of style.

AWS IoT Device Management –To that point, AWS recently shared how it’s helping large customers better manage their fleets of devices – numbering in the millions. The complexity of provisioning and managing connected things is daunting, which is why simplifying and automating these tasks is crucial. Wondering how some companies are doing this? Click over to the full AWS blog post to learn how Trimble is leveraging a new feature in the AWS IoT Device Management service that enables bulk provisioning of connected things.

Industrial IoT Adoption — Finally, where are we at with industrial IoT adoption? Bsquare recently released the findings from its first annual IIoT Maturity Study, which explores the current IoT adoption progress of business buyers in Manufacturing, Transportation, and Oil and Gas. If you missed it, I encourage you to watch our recent webinar where I have the pleasure of discussing some of the key findings with Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, and Christian Renaud, IoT Research Director at 451 Research. Jeff and Christian weigh in on the driving forces that are motivating industrial organizations to deploy IoT solutions at such a rapid pace.

That’s it for now. I hope my curated list of IoT happenings brought you closer to the heart of IoT’s most formidable developments. We’ll see you next quarter.