Create Rich User Experiences for Mobile Devices

Adobe® Flash® has quickly become the de-facto standard for creating a rich user experiences on devices large and small.

Bsquare supports OEMs, ODMs and Enterprises using Adobe® technologies for their mobile and embedded device solutions with the products, testing and
development services required to create rich user experiences for embedded and mobile devices.

As an Adobe Scaling and Certification Partner and authorized Adobe licensee, Bsquare has access to latest source code as Adobe’s test and certification suite.  Bsquare professional services teams have the expertise required to design and implement mobile and embedded Adobe Flash applications that deliver high quality Adobe Flash content for mobile and embedded devices utilizing:

  • Adobe® Flash® Player 10
  • Adobe® AIR®
  • Adobe® AIR® for TV and Adobe® Flash® Access®
  • Adobe® Reader® Mobile
  • Adobe® Flash® Lite® 4, Ad​obe® Flash® Lite® 3 and Ad​obe® Flash®Lite® for Digital Home

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Save money and speed time-to-market

Bsquare can save you time and money and speed time-to-market for your Adobe-based solutions with engineering services and support services that include:

  • UI design and development – expert embedded AIR and Flash user interface design, development and implementation
  • Application development – standalone Adobe AIR application development and enhancement; Flash Player integration for applications and browser plug-ins
  • Porting and integration – porting to diverse device types including those with applications running on multiple platforms; licensing for OEMs that do not meet the Open Screen Project (OSP) requirements
  • Licensing, testing and certification – DCTS and ATS certification services
  • Adobe Reader Mobile SDK – easily deliver, manage and display high-quality PDF, EPUB and eBook content on mobile and embedded devices