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If you are ready to buy Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Microsoft Server 2019, please contact us at sales@bsquare.com. You find out more about how Bsquare can help you upgrade seamlessly here. If you have any questions regarding support or how to buy our products please contact us at 425-519-5900.

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An Authorized Microsoft Windows Embedded Distributor

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, previously known as Windows Embedded, is part of the Microsoft operating system designed for embedded uses like real-time assets, point-of-sales kiosks, digital signage and small, hand-held devices for example. The Microsoft Windows Embedded portfolio of products provides one trusted platform to gather, store and process data, create actionable business intelligence and tangible business outcomes from devices on the edge of your network, to back-end systems and services.

Bsquare knows the Windows Embedded family of platforms inside and out. Our collaboration with Microsoft on embedded systems dates back to our role in the initial creation of the Windows CE platform in 1994.

As an authorized value-added distributor for Microsoft Windows Embedded licenses and toolkits, we help customers find the right products and licensing plan for their embedded devices. The Bsquare approach to licensing is straight-forward: Listen to the customer, ask good questions and find the best solution to meet the needs of the project.

For toolkits, OPKs, runtime licenses, post-production support  – talk to an experienced Bsquare licensing specialist and reduce the complexity of the licensing process. Meet with a Bsquare expert and learn exactly how the process works. Bsquare experts will create a licensing plan tailored to the unique needs of your embedded device.


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Contact us for licensing quotes as well as solutions architecture and technical guidance. If you have a question, please call us at 425-519-5900.

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