Extending Windows 8/10 technology and functionality to mobile small screen devices

MOBILEV-UX-logoBsquare MobileV UX is software that extends the MobileV hardware reference design to deliver the functionality of  Windows 8 to mobile durable devices with screens as small as 5”. MobileV UX allows OEMs and enterprises who are delivering specialized vertical mobile devices to deliver consistent user experiences across a variety of device types.


MobileV UX software from Bsquare is an application layer which extends Windows Embedded 8.1 technology and functionality to mobile small screen devices.
• Screen resolutions compatible with displays from 5” and up
• Support for legacy and modern apps
• User Profiles
• Custom branding and localization


• Increases OEM platform flexibility and functionality on small screen form factors
• Preserve application investments with support for Win32 legacy apps and Modern apps
• Increase OEM feature capabilities by using 8.1 operating system resources
• Increase OEM platform flexibility with multiple display size/resolution,
• Branding, user profiles, localization

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