Build a Foundation for Fleet Growth

Cultivate the foundation of security, agility, visibility and control you need to confidently scale your fleets and your business. Bsquare helps extend your team’s capabilities and accelerate time to market so you’re ready for the next opportunity.

Extend Capability with Fewer Resources

Expand device management capacity without increasing your headcount. Collective fleet performance data empowers you to find patterns and optimize performance. Complete visibility enables in-house teams to develop expertise in performance optimization without expanding numbers. And remote repair and recovery allows for instant results led by in-house technical staff instead of technicians in the field or expensive outside experts.

Start from a Secure Base

Bsquare’s custom software solutions support secure fleet growth. Configure devices that are secure from the start and stay that way throughout their lifecycle. Boost products’ reputation for security and lasting value when you build fleets that can evolve to face a changing threat landscape. Lay the foundation for fleet growth by building stability that can scale with your business.

Accelerate Time to Market and Time to Recovery

Bsquare’s coordinated solutions are deployed quickly, so you can build, configure, and secure devices faster to meet manufacturing supply chain timelines. When devices are in the field, our dedicated device fleet management enables you to monitor, diagnose, and deploy fixes instantly, so fleets recover faster and you can focus on business opportunity.

Increase Operational Efficiency as Fleets Grow

With total visibility and data transparency, regardless of device type or OS, our remote IoT device management solution enables you to maintain control over your entire fleet, even as it grows. Remote enrollment, deployment of software and group updates allow in-house teams to streamline management and your fleets to reach farther, faster.

Grow Your Fleets, Grow Your Business

For Critical Missions Today and Tomorrow

Bsquare provides you with the foundation for fleet growth so you can take advantage of the next opportunity.

  • Expand your reach and improve your business’ reputation for quality
  • Create intelligent, adaptable dedicated devices
  • Gather and analyze a collective performance optimization data set that grows with your fleet
  • Build with the confidence that your products are purpose-built for their missions, adapt to evolving environments, and stand the test of time

With Bsquare, expand geographically, capture a new audience segment, or add a new product capability and manage to do more.



Growth Throughout the Dedicated Device Lifecycle

Maintain Visibility and Agility at Scale

Dedicated Device Fleet Management

Bsquare’s comprehensive device management solution provides visibility into device performance with configurable telemetry and collective fleet wisdom. Expand your influence as your fleets grow using Bsquare’s remote repair, recovery, and update capabilities.

Build with Purpose

Windows IoT Licensing

Bsquare’s IoT licensing experts ensure your devices are configured to run smoothly from the start so they can accomplish their critical missions even as fleets expand.

Ensure Security with Expansion

Custom Software Solutions and OS Configuration

Bsquare custom software solutions provide a secure foundation for growth. As fleets scale, you have the confidence that devices are built to optimize security and adapt to evolving threats.

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