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IoT is a Progression

Don’t adopt IoT for IoT’s sake. Instead, focus on specific business use cases and outcomes, using IoT as the basis for an overall strategy to achieve those goals. It’s important to look at IoT not just as a journey but as a progression as organizational needs and adoption changes.

Bsquare’s experience has shown that moving along the path to full IoT can be broken down into five stages. Each stage provides increasing levels of benefits. Progression through all five stages culminates in a holistic, intelligent, automated IoT system that delivers the broadest range of positive outcomes for multiple business goals.

Our latest white paper surveys the state of the Industrial IoT landscape, click here to see how your organization stacks up.

Device Connectivity & Data Forwarding

Sensor data is transmitted and stored for analysis and action.

Real-Time Monitoring

Data is monitored and visualized to initiate use case for desired business outcomes. Achieves awareness of equipment status and refines business processes.

Data Analytics

Delivers insight, predictions and optimization using many different types and formats of data. Reduces unnecessary false positives by an average of 25%.


Orchestrates automated, complex actions from equipment to inventory, support, service ticketing and other systems to enable condition-based maintenance and better device utilization.

Enhancing On-Board Intelligence

Provides maximum ROI and business benefit from predictive failure, data driven-diagnostics and device optimization.

DataV IoT Applications

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