As industrial companies connect more business-critical assets and bring them together with IoT, equipment and device management becomes a priority. Bsquare gives industrial organizations the power to manage the full lifecycle of all their assets from a centralized location, including provisioning, inventory, and over-the-air (OTA) software updates and configuration.



  • Consolidate view of all managed assets
  • Remote monitoring of equipment health
  • Provisioning of firmware and applications
  • Control over configuration and calibrations
  • Logging of asset errors and activity

Industrial organizations can see a complete picture of entire asset inventories and health, from adding new devices and decommissioning old ones to managing licenses and applications.

The ability to apply OTA software, firmware, and configurations and remotely resolve performance issues allows operators to improve equipment performance and simplify maintenance. By adopting comprehensive IoT device management capabilities, industrial companies are able to improve operational efficiencies for lower operating costs and better visibility into their overall asset landscape.

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