On-Demand Webinar

Traditional maintenance methods are reactive – servicing equipment once it fails. This can lead to expensive unplanned downtime, non-routine repairs, and under- or over-servicing equipment.

To address these challenges, many organizations are looking to IoT technologies and connected industrial assets for data insights that provide amazing business value. IoT-enabled intelligent equipment maintenance is one such opportunity that carries enormous benefit potential.

In this on-demand webinar, our IoT and data science experts will discuss fundamentals of creating an intelligent maintenance ecosystem and share insights on what organizations can do to enhance their own maintenance strategies – including:

  • The role of data science in different levels of maintenance maturity
  • How to utilize IoT, data science, and SME input to advance from preventative to proactive maintenance
  • Organizational challenges, common mistakes, best practices including case studies based on real world experiences


Dave McCarthy | Vice President, IoT Solutions – Bsquare

Dave McCarthy is a leading authority on industrial IoT. He advises Fortune 1000 customers on how to integrate device and sensor data with their enterprise systems to improve business outcomes. Dave regularly speaks at technology conferences around the globe and recently delivered the keynote presentation at Internet of Things North America. Dave earned an MBA with honors from Northeastern University.

Rebecca Grollman, PhD | Data Scientist – Bsquare

Rebecca works with companies deploying IoT initiatives to help them understand their data capabilities and build actionable predictive models using machine learning. She also researches and builds tools to accelerate data science processes and provide deeper insights. Rebecca holds both an MS and PhD in physics from Oregon State University.