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Your connected device data isn’t worth anything unless you analyze it. When you know more about your IIoT devices, systems and operations you can automatically Track and Repair to yield better business outcomes.

Monitor real-time asset performance and usage

DataV Track

Getting a full picture of your organization’s operations and equipment performance is no easy feat. DataV Track helps your operations team expose ways to coordinate equipment, personnel, systems, and raw materials in near real time. The software aggregates data from all connected equipment and sources – such as line-level PLCs, HMI systems, MES, EMI, parts inventories, and ERP systems – then applies business and compliance policies (rules-based logic) to make enterprise-wide data understandable and actionable.

You can’t improve business systems until you can see them first. Coordinate visibility into all industrial operations in real time

  • Aggregate data from connected equipment and sources
  • Remotely monitor real-time asset operating conditions and environmental data
  • View asset telemetry, contextual data, and status against utilization metrics
  • Monitor and manage OEE and performance in real-time

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Shorten repair times and lower overall service costs

DataV Repair

Every hour your equipment is down costs you money – from service costs to lost revenue. Adaptive diagnostics with DataV Repair significantly improves repair turnaround and accuracy. The software examines current and historical fault codes, interrelated operating conditions, and repair history to determine a problem’s root cause. Then, it assigns an optimized repair plan, so equipment gets back online faster, and at a lower cost. 

Your business doesn’t move while equipment is in the shop. Boost first-time repair rates, lower service costs, and increase equipment uptime

  • Arm technicians with detailed and accurate asset information
  • Builds a knowledge base of proven troubleshooting paths
  • Use data to optimize repair plans and structured servicing workflows
  • Evaluate real-time conditions and contextual data for failure root causes
  • Creates an IoT-connected electronic service manual
  • Integrates into other enterprise workflow applications (parts, maintenance, and service warranty systems)

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