DataV Application Overview

Residing on top of the DataV Hybrid IoT Platform are the DataV Applications. Each application is targeted at solving a specific Use Case. For instance, Predictive Failure (or the ability to know in advance what equipment will fail) is handled by the DataV Predict App. Unless IoT initiatives are targeted at specific business-oriented use cases they are unlikely to yield positive business outcomes. While the core components of DataV provide the underlying functions for the IoT platform, tying them together in useful ways provides effective solutions to different business problems. The DataV solution was purpose-built to impact specific business use cases. We sell based on the use case needs of our target customers and the business outcomes they are trying to drive.

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DataV Predict – Modeling of equipment behavior and monitoring of the real-time environment to identify a future failure event

DataV Repair – Automated evaluation of fault codes and operating parameters resulting in an optimized repair plan that adapts to current conditions

DataV Manage – Lifecycle management of IoT devices, including provisioning, inventory, software updates, and configuration

DataV Track – Real-time usage information from managed assets that can inform product design or maintain compliance in regulated environments

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