Business-critical equipment is the lifeblood of all industrial organizations. The ability to easily manage the complete lifecycle of diverse, far-flung assets that may number in the millions is paramount. A scalable, secure IoT management system is essential for businesses seeking greater control over asset performance, maintenance, and full lifecycle management.

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DataV Manage:

• Enables the management of millions of devices by analyzing asset behavior over time and applying machine learning to become more intelligent as additional information is collected
• Supports more informed decision-making about asset performance and maintenance with real-time health monitoring, rapid asset warning detection, and automated resolution for local and remote devices

DataV Manage provides intelligent lifecycle management of millions of IoT devices, from adding new devices to decommissioning old ones. By analyzing the behavior and contextual information of digital twins of physical assets over time, DataV Manage allows actions to be taken on individual devices or logical groups, providing a network-wide picture of asset inventories and health. It determines actions to improve reliability such as over-the-air (OTA) software updates, bulk configuration changes or maintenance, in addition to managing software licenses by group or device. DataV Manage has robust security features with powerful access and identity management to ensure secure control over asset data flow and improve awareness of asset behavior, applications, and restrictions.