Successful industrial organizations rely on massive numbers of high-performing devices. Underperforming assets cost money from maintenance expenses and revenue loss to capital-intensive replacement of aging equipment. By identifying the characteristics of machines operating at peak efficiency and applying those traits to entire populations of subpar equipment, industrial companies can dramatically improve business-critical asset performance for lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and better return on assets (ROA).

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DataV Optimize:

• Reduces the overhead required to keep very large populations of equipment running smoothly and efficiently, and extends the useful life of capital equipment
• Reduces TCO (Total cost of ownership) and improves ROA (return on asset)
• Improves reliability, productivity, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), while reducing the risks associated with underperforming or failing equipment
• Enables smarter decision-making by identifying which assets have a recurring pattern of underperformance, identifying candidates for replacement, and determining additional troubleshooting needs

DataV Optimize automatically keeps an entire population of millions of industrial devices operating at peak efficiency. By using assets’ digital twins, it analyzes real-time operating conditions, historical data, and behaviors of equivalent assets operating at optimal performance. As the system identifies underperforming assets, it can automatically apply real-time remediation such as software updates or configurations directly on equipment or groups of equipment, or notify personnel so they can investigate whether repair or replacement is required. The system reports on the state of individual assets as well as the entire asset population.