Industrial companies rely on vast numbers of geographically dispersed assets operating at peak availability, performance, and quality for the highest overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). They must also comply with stringent regulations and asset lease or service level agreements. Yet, it can be almost impossible to meet these goals without comprehensive asset utilization information.

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DataV Track:

• Monitors, remediates, and maintains compliance with asset lease or service level agreements (SLAs)
• Identifies beneficial features and functions that are not being used or that are being used incorrectly
• Extends the useful life of capital equipment for improved return on assets (ROA) and deferred capital investment
• Monitors overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and analyzes asset performance, including availability, quality, and output performance, in real-time

DataV Track provides in-depth usage information across millions of geographically dispersed assets to monitor and manage OEE and performance in real-time. By collecting and analyzing data across devices and applications, DataV Track uses assets’ digital twins to identify equipment that may be out of compliance with use guidelines or expectations. It then initiates actions to bring equipment back into compliance or increase availability and performance. It also identifies under-used application functionality and presents possible causes and remediation options.