Maintenance of business-critical equipment is the single largest controllable asset expense, especially when multiplied by millions of assets. Preventative maintenance should help avoid unplanned downtime and emergency equipment failures that can cost three to four times more than regular maintenance. But time- or usage-based maintenance can result in servicing equipment too often or not enough and burden limited maintenance personnel. Condition-based maintenance allows equipment to be serviced only when it’s needed based on actual operating conditions for lower maintenance costs, better workflows, and longer asset life.

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DataV Maintain:

• Reduces service costs by determining optimal repair intervals for millions of devices based on actual asset usage and operating conditions, while reducing truck rolls and service calls for emergency repairs
• Improves maintenance workflows and technician efficiency by servicing equipment only as needed
• Increases equipment reliability and productivity while reducing risks associated with failures
• Extends asset longevity for better return on capital investment and deferred investment in replacement equipment

DataV Maintain creates optimal maintenance schedules for extremely large populations of business-critical assets by monitoring and analyzing current operating conditions on assets’ digital twins. It can pinpoint at-risk assets before they fail, avoiding expensive repairs or replacement. The system evaluates the health of an entire population of assets to identify trends in groups, and takes action on a subset of the group; for example, alerting personnel of required maintenance or modifying maintenance notifications when environmental conditions affect equipment performance. Integration with existing enterprise maintenance applications and workflows improves service organization efficiency and reins in costs, and standardized reports provide a consolidated, easy-to understand view of an entire population of assets.