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Your connected assets and devices don’t manage themselves. Take control of their performance and easily manage your large-scale IIoT infrastructure.

Scalable, secure IoT-device management

DataV Manage

When you use data to manage and direct your connected assets – automatically, all at once, and from any distance – you drive better operations. DataV Manage provides vital IoT-device management capabilities, bringing a near real-time, network-wide picture of your assets’ health, as well as two-way data communication.

You can’t reach every IoT asset in person, even if you wanted to. Remotely control and automate device configuration, actions, and lifecycle management

  • Remotely control millions of devices
  • View network-wide picture of asset health
  • Analyze device data for quick and useful insights
  • Improve asset reliability, software updates and batch maintenance with OTA
  • Automate device configurations, actions, and lifecycle management

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