Strategies for Reducing Warranty Costs

There are several ways that DataV enables businesses to reduce warranty costs. First, real-time monitoring of device health instantly detects asset faults as they happen. Depending on severity, continued use of the asset can lead to additional damage, increasing parts and labor costs. DataV can take immediate action by sending commands to the asset in order to minimize further impact.

Second, DataV has the ability to analyze current asset error codes and operating parameters along with historical repair information to create an optimized repair plan. The plan assigns probabilities to potential fixes, eliminating guesswork and reducing repair times. This information allows service managers to assign a technician with the correct skills and ensures that only necessary parts are used.

IoT and trucking

Finally, DataV keeps track of what work was actually performed, preventing potential warranty compliance issues. This information can be sent directly to the OEM warranty team, enabling them to process claims quicker with less review.








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