Transform Management to Expand Innovation

Digital transformation in device fleet management requires simplified maintenance, integrated solutions, a secure foundation, and adaptable devices. Bsquare navigates these requirements with you, so your dedicated device fleets fulfill the promise of connectivity and accelerate your business growth.

Reach Farther, Faster

Reduce the cost of deploying, managing, and maintaining dedicated device fleets. Remote enrollment, deployment of software and group updates replace expensive and time-intensive technician visits. Expand your fleet geography and capability with easy management, including complete visibility, predictive maintenance, and over-the-air updates that maintain configurations and implement faster.

Integrate Systems to Learn as Fleets Grow

Bsquare dedicated device fleet management solutions cover the entire lifecycle – from OS configuration and licensing to deployment and beyond. Capture critical operational insights with comprehensive data integration that scales throughout the device lifecycle and as you grow your business.

Build on Security from the Start

Assuage fears of security threats to IIoT devices and lead digital transformation with a security-first approach to custom OS configuration and device management. Ensure a secure foundation for fleet growth with Bsquare’s custom software solutions for OS configuration and, once fleets are deployed, our real-time device health monitoring and telemetry enables maintenance and optimization of network security.

Adapt for the Road Ahead

Technology is constantly evolving, and dedicated device transformation requires the flexibility to adapt. Our dedicated device management solutions enhance fleet agility, amassing collective fleet wisdom, enabling predictive maintenance, and empowering remote updates and maintenance so you can stay ahead of the next industry trend, compliance requirement, or evolving threat.

Building Business Growth

Connecting to Possible

The promise of connectivity is greater efficiency, better performance, and business growth. Bsquare helps your dedicated device fleets fulfill this promise so you can:

  • Utilize data to operate more efficiently and expand into new revenue streams
  • Create intelligent systems with the agility to adapt to the evolving landscape and the collective wisdom to enable critical decision making from your team
  • Secure the connections you need to do business
  • Extend the capabilities of your team so you can prepare for what’s ahead

Transformation for the Dedicated Device Lifecycle

Gain Total Control

Dedicated Device Fleet Management

Bsquare’s comprehensive device management solution ensures the ultimate future-proofing of your products and supports digital device transformation. With SquareOne, ensure product fleets are optimized and purpose-managed when they are in use to secure your reputation and build your business.

Confidently Configure

Windows IoT Licensing

IoT licensing ensures your devices are configured and licensed to run smoothly. Accomplish digital transformation with the confidence that your devices are purpose-configured for their critical missions.

Build a Foundation of Security

Custom Software Solutions and OS Configuration

Bsquare’s custom software solutions and OS configuration help manage the complexities of building and using device fleets. Discover our custom software solutions to build and release securely with the confidence your devices will maintain their use and value longer.

Partners in Dedicated Device Transformation

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