Increase Revenue by Cutting Costs

Optimize Current Management Processes

Take advantage of growth opportunities when you streamline your management to cut costs. Bsquare’s holistic device lifecycle solutions empower you to use fewer tools, software, and expensive outside experts to harden, license, and manage your devices.

Accelerate time to market with Bsquare’s OS configuration and Windows IoT licensing solutions. Shortened timelines to configure and deploy devices enable you to hit demanding supply chain deadlines and act on more business prospects.

Boost your brand reputation and increase revenues with dedicated device fleets that work better and have more continuous operation. Enable cost reduction and enhanced customer loyalty with rapid and remote patching, recovery, repair, and predictive maintenance.

Create New Revenue Streams

Offer Comprehensive Device Management to Customers

Partner with Bsquare to offer SquareOne to your customers and build on existing relationships, extend the capabilities of your products, and increase revenue.  

Whether you or your customers are the device operators, provide the benefits of SquareOne – dedicated device fleet management that works across device type and OS – with no additional overhead or expertise. 

Boost your reputation by enabling IIOT devices to remotely participate in their own management and recovery and stay ahead of the next industry trend, compliance requirement, or evolving threat.  


Full-Lifecycle Revenue Optimization

Gain Total Control

Dedicated Device Fleet Management

Bsquare’s SquareOne solution enables you to streamline revenue with remote capabilities that accelerate time to repair, recovery and group updates and extend the capabilities of your team. You can also partner with us to unlock new growth channels for your business.

Build with Purpose

Windows IoT Licensing

Bsquare’s IoT licensing experts ensure your devices are configured to accomplish their critical missions within the tight device development and deployment lifecycles, reducing the burden of time to market on your ROI.

Secure Reputation to Secure Revenues

Custom Software Solutions and OS Configuration

Bsquare custom software solutions ensure your products are built to optimize security and adapt to evolving threats. Ensure a reputation for quality and increase business opportunity.

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