Bsquare is a Proud Microsoft Partner

A strong and long-standing relationship with Microsoft affords Bsquare an unparalleled depth of expertise when developing Windows-based smart connected devices at the edge and Azure platform solutions for the cloud.

The Internet of Things starts by building on the infrastructure that is already in place, using familiar devices and services in new ways, and incorporating the right technology to ultimately use data to create insights and make more informed business decisions. It’s not just for billions of devices and sensors in the future, it’s what you use today. Bsquare is uniquely positioned to integrate DataV, engineering services and the Azure IoT Suite to deliver IoT technology from edge devices all the way to the cloud.

Bsquare is a Windows Embedded Gold-Level Partner and has been recognized as Systems Integrator of the Year, Windows Embedded Licensing Distributor of the Year, and Partner of the Year.

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