IoT Ecosystem Partners

Bsquare works with world class cloud providers, giving our customers the ability to choose the best platform for their needs. Bsquare provides DataV products and systems integration capabilities on these cloud platforms that ease the journey for enterprises contemplating broader adoption of IoT technologies in order to achieve desired business outcomes.

Solution Partners

Recognizing that no single company can provide an end to end IoT solution, Bsquare works closely with Solutions Providers to combine use case and industry specific expertise with the power of DataV. This type of collaboration allows Bsquare to deliver user defined, comprehensive IoT solutions that address critical business needs well beyond what a “go it alone” approach could provide.

Silicon Partners

For over 20 years, Bsquare has enjoyed strong partnerships with leading Silicon Vendors, developing embedded devices on the latest silicon offerings. This experience uniquely positions Bsquare to enable IoT technology at the edge – where data is created, consumed and acted upon. These strong partnerships allow Bsquare to gain advance insight into silicon technology, develop new solutions on the latest generation devices, and accelerate deployment of IoT technology at the edge.