B2IQ Products

With more than two decades of experience developing and supporting intelligent devices and systems, Bsquare has a roster of edge-to-cloud solutions to help your company connect and manage edge devices at scale.

The B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite

The B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite, which includes B2IQ Cloud Base and B2IQ Edge, is an extensible solution that connects edge devices to the cloud, allowing you to build application-specific products and solutions. The B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite provides a near-real-time picture of asset health and offers two-way data communication, forming the basis for almost any IoT use case.

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B2IQ Cloud Base

B2IQ Cloud Base runs on Microsoft Azure and AWS and offers automatic registration of the B2IQ Edge device with the cloud.

  • Set up two-way encrypted MQTT communications between edge and cloud
  • Get automated telemetry display
  • Populate database and UI automatically from sensors reported by the B2IQ Edge
  • Command and control B2IQ Edge devices
  • View current status of B2IQ Edge devices
  • Update B2IQ Edge software remotely
  • Provide a secure REST API to perform operations or build alternate UI
  • Securely run shell commands on the B2IQ Edge device
  • Securely view the B2IQ Edge device virtual screen
  • Download and install third-party software running at edge

B2IQ Edge

B2IQ Edge is a compact and efficient edge client that supports bi-directional communication between devices, sensors, and cloud components. B2IQ Edge runs on Linux and FreeRTOS devices.

  • All communications from the device to the cloud are encrypted
  • Data communications are performed using industry standard MQTT protocol
  • Messages are encoded using the IPSO device object
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Allows remote access through SSH, remote desktop, and file system
  • Stores messages when offline
  • Can serve as a local gateway and provides a REST API to other local devices
  • Sensor abstraction layer allows extensible connecting to industrial and legacy assets
  • Library of communication protocols helps minimize development for many protocols and sensors

Edge Modules

Bsquare Edge Modules accelerate connecting B2IQ Edge to the systems and standards your team has already adopted.

  • B2IQ Modbus connector for industrial assets
  • B2IQ Canbus connector for automotive assets
  • B2IQ SAE 1939 Canbus connector for diesel assets

B2IQ Utilities

B2IQ utilities allow you to image devices and upgrade your embedded device systems. The B2IQ Imaging and Recovery Tool allows technicians to image devices and non-technical users to restore devices onsite, while the B2IQ Field Upgrade Tool allows for Azure-based remote upgrade or recovery.

Both B2IQ utilities are designed for the following types of devices:

  • Point of service kiosks
  • Point of sale systems
  • Digital signage
  • Handheld terminals
  • Personal computers
  • Other freestanding digital devices

B2IQ Imaging and Recovery Tool

The B2IQ Imaging and Recovery Tool is an easy-to-use, turnkey imaging solution for Windows-based platforms. The tool offers a GUI interface for capturing an image of a system, including the Windows operating system and any applications, deploying images from external media. The tool also offers a recovery mode that stores an image in a hidden partition, allowing the system to be restored to a working state. This allows a non-technical end user to easily recover a device in the field using USB, CD, or DVD.

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B2IQ Field Upgrade Tool

The B2IQ Field Upgrade Tool allows for easy remote, cloud-based upgrades of Windows OEM appliances and devices. With the tool’s easy GUI, a non-technical user can conveniently upgrade a device in the field or recover after a system corruption. There’s no need to dispatch a technician or ship replacement equipment, saving you downtime and support costs.

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