Embedded OS Services and Utilities

Bsquare offers a full suite of services and utilities for all leading embedded platforms, including Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and the Windows Embedded family, Azure Sphere, Linux, Android, ThreadX, FreeRTOS, and QNX.

Just getting started with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise? Bsquare offers a Jumpstart service to help you build and configure production-ready Window 10 IoT images and integrate the image with your device hardware and applications.

We provide embedded services for hardware debugging, low-level software, board bring-up, power management, performance optimization, middleware, and communications. Our SquareOne solution assists in supporting, maintaining, and upgrading intelligent systems for both Windows IoT and Linux.

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Embedded OS Services

Jumpstart for Windows IoT – Bsquare will build a production-ready image for your device, including retrieving and installing latest Windows updates. We also offer live Windows 10 IoT Enterprise training. Learn more.

Image build – Build your Linux and Android images with the latest OS updates. We can develop an image, configure it on the target device, and install your OEM drivers and software.

OS upgrade and porting services – Modernize your operating systems by upgrading within an operating system family or porting to alternate operating system platforms.

Embedded OS support services – We provide support for embedded operating systems and we have direct access to premium Microsoft Embedded operating system support.

Field upgrade consulting – With years of experience, Bsquare helps ease the pain of field upgrades.

OS lockdown services – We help lock down embedded devices, especially older non-supported operating systems such as Windows 7 Embedded.

Microsoft Azure Sphere engineering – Bsquare is one of the first ten technical engineering partners approved in the Azure Sphere ecosystem. We speed integration of Azure Sphere with new devices being developed or as a bolt-on to existing deployed assets.

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Intelligent Device Utilities


SquareOne is an all-in-one recovery, upgrade, and imaging utility. Available for Windows IoT and Linux, SquareOne allows you to recover your device’s embedded OS in two ways: from hidden partition or by USB or other external media.

The tool offers a GUI interface for capturing an image of a system, including the operating system and any applications, and recovering it by your preferred method. SquareOne also offers an agent that can receive updated images from Azure Cloud, AWS, or other third-party device management software, letting you restore to an up-to-date recovery image or upgrade to a new version of your OS. With SquareOne, your embedded devices continue to run securely with a longer lifespan. Get the details.