Device Operations

No matter where you are in your digital transformation, Bsquare’s suite of edge-to-cloud products and services will get your solution to market quickly.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing system or designing a new one, our team of systems designers and software engineers can help.  We will design, build, implement, and operate your IoT solution securely at scale. Contact us to get started.

SquareOne: Intelligent IoT Operations

SquareOne is a device management suite of software and services that supports intelligent IoT operations in a wide range of scenarios. From updating and recovering OS and application software on a single unconnected device to non-stop data-driven operations for a fleet of connected devices, SquareOne allows device makers to transition deployment and operations in phases that make sense for your business.

Our 24/7 operation services provide a cost-efficient outsourcing option and our consulting services help you transition previously deployed and new devices to IoT operations. We use proven best practices to offer you security and maintainability and reduce costly downtime. SquareOne allows device makers to focus on building the business rather than on the tangle of IoT complexity.

We built SquareOne based on open standards, delivering scalability and avoiding proprietary technology limitations. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, popular versions of Linux, and Android are all supported. SquareOne can be deployed on AWS or Microsoft Azure as well as on-premises configurations.

IoT Engineering Services

We develop, deploy, and operate IoT systems for global Fortune 500 companies and large private organizations. Contact our software engineering team to help you with:

Requirements gathering – Identify pain points and understand your solutions requirements.

Architecture – Bsquare structures solutions based on open standards and device industry standard protocols as well as appropriate cloud provider technologies.

Design – Get technical design of software and creative design of user interactions.

Development – Our solutions are built to run on the edge to the cloud and follow ISO 9001 quality standards.

QA – We offer QA services during all aspects of embedded system development, from design to implementation.

Data science – Use machine learning to provide valuable insights such as forecasting breakdowns, detecting anomalies, and predicting demand.