Increase Quality While Reducing Project Length

TestQuest is the premier test automation solution designed for ISVs and OEMs who want to bring applications and smart, connected systems to market quickly, at low cost and with increased quality.

By integrating with familiar tools such as  Microsoft® Visual Studio™, TestQuest enables users to quickly create extensible, flexible tests that are scalable and can be executed in a distributed, collaborative test environment.

TestQuest Tools

TestQuest 10 is a complete test automation solution that scales across multiple test environments, fully integrating with leading development tools.

TestQuest Handset Certification Platform (HCP) supports the rapid market growth of smartphones by enabling mobile network operators (MNOs) to improve device quality and customer satisfaction levels.

Bsquare Automated Testing Solutions

Bsquare partners with each customer to design, develop and deploy solutions tailored to meet their specific challenges while reducing costs, increasing quality and accelerating time-to-market. Bsquare delivers TestQuest technology using a proven, best-practice approach to test automation that is backed by a skilled Professional Services team. Our methodology ensures that companies achieve maximum results, in minimum time, at minimal risk.