Speed Time-to-Market and Improve Quality

The Bsquare Handset Certification Platform (HCP) for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) from Bsquare is a patented collaborative and distributed testing platform that automates the testing of new handsets. OEMs using HCP can execute tests based on MNO’s unique certification processes and testing requirements. For MNOs, HCP can help speed new smartphone releases to market and improve overall device quality by enabling operators to develop and share standard test procedures for certifying new handsets with OEMs.

MNOs automate the handset certification testing process by providing OEMs with a test automation baseline (including test cases) that they can execute to complete their certification. Throughout the process, MNOs can monitor OEM progress via a dashboard, viewing testing results based on individual handsets, services, OEMs and more.

Benefits for Mobile Network Operators

  • Accelerate time-to-market for handsets through OEM pre-certification
  • Higher quality – all handsets run through a consistent, rigorous automated certification process defined by the network operator
  • More visibility to OEM testing through the TestQuest dashboard from Bsquare
  • Test expansion – Increase coverage by introducing programmatic control to network operator’s existing base station or base station emulators to vary network conditions and stress handsets
  • Utilize Bsquare domain expertise to generate new test cases, enabling production of higher quality handsets (extend services based test cases, generate new handset-based test cases per classification of device for quality end user experience)

Benefits for OEMs

  • Faster development – automated test tools run at development lab; re-run quickly after fixes have been applied
  • Expand handset acceptance test coverage through automation
  • Lowers cost of testing for handsets through predefined automation


Bsquare works with MNOs to develop test scripts that will automate
all manual handset test processes. Test scripts are then published to the Bsquare TestQuest Asset Manager Server and pushed to all of the MNOs handset OEMs via XML. The OEMs run the complete test suite and self-certify their handsets. Once handsets pass certification, the system generates a report and notifies both the MNO and OEM. Handsets are then delivered to the network operator where automated tests are run again with near 100 percent success rate.