Speed Innovative Systems to Market

html5Manufacturers of embedded devices in many industries including automotive IVI, point-of-service kiosk, industrial automation, handheld terminals, smart phones, and mobile devices are developing with HTML5.

There are several advantages to developing with HTML5 in embedded devices.  HTML5 can provide end users the feature-rich experiences they seek. Because HML5 is flexible, it is easy to port HTML5 applications and User Interfaces (UIs) between different hardware, operating systems and software platforms. It is also easy to skin or customize these applications and UIs to create unique user experiences. Using HTML5 can also reduce product development and maintenance costs.

However, development teams often do not have the background or skills in embedded HTML5 necessary to take full advantage of these benefits.

Bsquare partners with manufacturers to provide Embedded HTML5 Development Services that speed time-to-market with devices that delight users. Bsquare partners with device makers to design embedded HTML5 systems that deliver the experience and capabilities users expect and to do this on-time and on-budget.