B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite

The B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite connects edge devices to the cloud to accelerate building application-specific products and solutions. The B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite provides a near-real-time picture of asset health and offers two-way data communication, forming the basis for almost any IoT use case. It is composed of the B2IQ Cloud Base and B2IQ Edge.


Connecting embedded devices to the cloud is the initial step of most IoT projects. Once this connection is established, assets can be tracked, monitored and controlled. This allows you to operate assets securely at scale, lowering operating costs and empowering data scientists to build AI and machine-learning models.


The B2IQ Suite is an extensible solution, built on open standards. It is quick to deploy and accelerates connecting IoT devices to the cloud. The cloud components lightly consume cloud services. The B2IQ Edge lowers friction to onboard devices, communicates securely, and uses standard protocols.


  • Accelerate your IoT solution timeline and lower delivery cost by using this fully tested solution that solves for most common portions of an edge-to-cloud project
  • Use data to remotely control and automate device configuration, actions, and lifecycle management
  • The B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite is ideal for businesses that want to remotely connect and manage edge devices at scale

Features: B2IQ Cloud Base

B2IQ Cloud Base runs on both Microsoft Azure and AWS and offers automatic registration of the B2IQ Edge device with the cloud.

  • Set up two-way encrypted MQTT communications between edge and cloud
  • Get automated telemetry display
  • Populate database and UI automatically from sensors reported by the B2IQ Edge
  • Command and control B2IQ Edge devices
  • View current status of B2IQ Edge devices
  • Update B2IQ Edge software remotely
  • Provide a secure REST API to perform operations or build alternate UI
  • Securely run shell commands on the B2IQ Edge device
  • Securely view the B2IQ Edge device virtual screen
  • Download and install third-party software running at edge

Features: B2IQ Edge

B2IQ Edge is a compact and efficient edge client that supports bi-directional communication between devices, sensors, and cloud components. B2IQ Edge runs on Linux and FreeRTOS devices.

  • All communications from the device to the cloud are encrypted
  • Data communications are performed using industry standard MQTT protocol
  • Messages are encoded using the IPSO device object
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Allows remote access through SSH, remote desktop, and file system
  • Stores messages when offline
  • Can serve as a local gateway and provides a REST API to other local devices
  • Sensor abstraction layer allows extensible connecting to industrial and legacy assets
  • Library of communication protocols helps minimize development for many protocols and sensors

B2IQ Edge Modules

Bsquare Edge Modules accelerate connecting B2IQ Edge to the systems and standards your team has already adopted.

  • B2IQ Modbus connector for industrial assets
  • B2IQ Canbus connector for automotive assets
  • B2IQ SAE 1939 Canbus connector for diesel assets

Supported Systems

  • B2IQ Cloud Base runs on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS
  • B2IQ Edge runs on Linux and FreeRTOS devices
  • Libraries are available for Arduino and some additional constrained devices to connect into a B2IQ Edge device running in gateway mode