Basic Cloud Hosting

Bsquare provides fully managed 24×7 solution hosting. Bsquare is experienced at managing cloud-native solutions as well as adapting on premises solutions into cloud hosted services. Bsquare operates customer environments to industry standard practices. Environments will be fully operated by Bsquare, in a cloud platform determined by the customer.


  • Active monitoring of hosts and solutions
  • Daily data backups
  • Periodic automated external vulnerability tests

Incident response, Management and Service Requests activities

  • Incident response and remediation to any issues detected or reported in customer environment or hosting provider
  • Deployment of software updates and all other software used by solution
  • Custom application monitoring and management
  • Program management of environments I.e. scheduling of upgrades, attending release planning meetings

Supported cloud services

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS

Service hours

Service requests: business hours Monday through Friday

SLO (Service Level Objective)

Site planned uptime – best effort, targeting greater than 99.5

  • Solution uptime measured as: uptime + planned Downtime / total time for a month

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  • None, see Premium Cloud Hosting agreement

Incident Response Levels

Incidents are classified into normal inquiries and 3 severity levels.

  • “Severity Level 1.” Critical Business Impact / System Down
  • “Severity Level 2.” Moderate Business Impact / Degraded Operation
  • “Severity Level 3.” Minor Business Impact / Compromised Operation
  • Normal Inquiry. A request for information that is not issue related.

Incident response level matrix

Severity Tier 1 Recognition Customer Notification
1 One hour Best effort, email updates daily
2 8 hours After eight (8) business hours being unresolved, email update every business day
3 24 hours (at next daily report or check) Within three (3) business days, email update every week
Normal Inquiry 24 – 48 hours for acknowledgement of  inquiry NA