Bsquare accelerates products to market by providing experienced consulting on embedded operating systems and constrained devices. We size to your company’s needs, from extra development help for peaks in demand to complete project delivery.

Services Offered


Image Build

Bsquare can help build your Windows, Linux and Android images with the latest OS updates. We can develop an image, configure it on the target device, and install your OEM drivers and software.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Jumpstart

Bsquare will build a production-ready image for your device, including retrieving and installing latest Windows updates. We can also offer live Windows 10 IoT Enterprise training.

Embedded Consulting

Our team offers consulting expertise in hardware, low-level software, board bring-up, power management, and communications.

OS Upgrade Services

Bsquare can help you modernize operating systems by upgrading within an operating system family or porting to alternate operating system platforms.

Support Services

We provide support for embedded operating systems and we have direct access to premium Microsoft Embedded Operating System support.

Field Upgrade Consulting

Bsquare can help ease the pain of field upgrades.

OS Lockdown Services

We can help lock down embedded devices, especially older non-supported operating systems such as Windows 7.

Data Migration and Recovery Services

Our embedded consulting team can engineer data migration and recovery for your device.

Supported Operating Systems


Bsquare has experience with all leading embedded platforms, including Windows Embedded variants, Linux, Android, Express Logic, FreeRTOS, and QNX.

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