Get Started with Linux at Bsquare

Whether you’re curious about using the Linux operating system in your next IoT device project, you’ve already deployed on embedded Linux and you’re looking for support, or you’re ready to move your embedded device from an aging platform on to embedded Linux, Bsquare engineers can help. Contact us to talk with a Linux specialist.

Why Deploy on Embedded Linux?

When you build your embedded system on the Linux OS, you find several benefits:

  • There are no additional licensing costs.
  • Most silicon vendors and module manufacturers support embedded Linux and typically provide a Linux port for reference designs.
  • An extensive development community provides OS support for most hardware and peripherals.
  • Support for a variety of processors, including x86, x64, ARM, and MIPS.
  • Compact footprint allows support for constrained systems with minimal storage, process, and memory.

How Can Bsquare Help You With Your Linux OS Product?

Bsquare engineers can help you at any stage in your product’s lifecycle, from creating a new embedded device to working on the next evolution of an established IoT edge device.

New Products

With specialized knowledge and experience, our engineers can help create the Linux operating system and low-level software for your device, leaving you to concentrate on the components that are unique to your product.

  • Board bring-up and new hardware debugging
  • Board Support Package adaptation
  • New device driver creation
  • Interface with legacy systems, sensors, and components via protocols such as I²C, SPI, Modbus and CANbus
  • Create custom Yocto Linux distributions
  • Work with other common distribution systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, and Redhat
  • Remote management with SquareOne

Legacy Systems

As your successful embedded device design ages, you may find that components used in the current product design are becoming unavailable or that the current operating system is becoming obsolete. Bsquare can help you with a redesign of your product and a move to embedded Linux OS.

  • Power management and battery life optimization
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks in system performance
  • Boot-time optimization
  • Create new middleware and port existing software, such as Windows CE to Linux

Maintenance and Support

Bsquare also provides Linux support and maintenance services. We will make sure that the Linux image being used is updated with security patches and we can help improve the performance of the device.

  • Boot security improvements
  • Over-the-air system updates

Why Bsquare?

Bsquare is a software company with more than 25 years of IoT and embedded software design experience. With our specialized embedded Linux skills and knowledge, we can help your company with new device designs or cope with project peaks that exceed the capacity of your internal team. Contact us today to get started with embedded Linux OS.