OS Configuration and Transition Services

Looking for consulting help with your new device project or updating already deployed devices? The Bsquare embedded engineering team can configure a production-ready Windows IoT image for your new product, help you upgrade to a new version of the OS, or migrate to a new OS altogether.

Our engineering best practices ensure your OS image is configured correctly for your hardware and is secure, recoverable, and maintainable. If you have specific industry requirements, we can assist in customizing your solution to meet your commercialization needs. And when paired with SquareOne, our remote device management solution, you can monitor and manage your devices and systems centrally. 

Changing from one OS to another or managing a product with multiple OS options can be challenging. Our embedded engineering team has helped customers with devices built with with Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, QNX, and Windows.

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  • Accelerate product development, getting to market quickly.
  • Benefit from the experience of a team that has built and configured OS software for thousands of devices.
  • Incorporate best practices for security, recovery, and update.
  • Get a manufacturing-ready image for your devices with technical documentation.
  • We can retain a copy of your image for future updates or upgrades.

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