OS Configuration and Transition Services

Looking for consulting help with your new smart device project or updating devices already deployed? The Bsquare embedded engineering team can help you with OS configuration and transition services.

  • Configure a production-ready Windows IoT image for your new embedded device
  • Upgrade devices to a new version of your current operating system (OS)
  • Migrate to a new OS—Windows to Linux, Linux to Windows, or another system switch

And when paired with SquareOne, our secure device management solution, you can monitor and manage your connected devices and systems centrally.

Changing from one OS to another or managing a product with multiple OS options can be challenging. Our embedded engineering team has helped customers with devices built with with Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, QNX, and Windows.

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Your OS image will be configured for your hardware.  Our best-practice approach ensures your OS image is secure, recoverable, and maintainable. We can also customize your build to meet your specific industry requirements or unique commercialization needs.

Features you can include in OS configuration services:

  • BitLocker disk encryption
  • Keyboard filter to block certain key combinations (such as CTRL-ALT-Delete to restart)
  • Unified Write Filter (UWF) to intercept and redirect writes to the disk
  • Disable Windows branding and user interface at startup
  • Blue crash screen suppression
  • Enable or disable Windows updates
  • Kiosk mode
  • Enable a single image to run on multiple hardware variations

Additional services include:

  • Transition or expansion from one OS to another, including Windows, Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, and QNX
  • Windows development
  • Windows optimization, including reducing footprint and relocation of large system files
  • SquareOne secure device management


  • Focus on your application development and let us handle the OS image.
  • Get a manufacturing-ready image for your devices with full technical documentation.
  • Incorporate best practices for security, recovery, and update.
  • Bsquare can store your OS image so future updates and upgrades can be incorporated easily.

How it works

An experienced engineer will guide you through the Bsquare proprietary checklist, ensuring a golden image that is small, secure, and optimized for peak device performance.

We’ll talk about your hardware, your OS preference, peripherals, software, and recovery and update plans and create a customized program and estimate.

Talk to an OS configuration specialist today.