Secure device management for a connected world

Available May 2022 

SquareOne add-on features available for new and existing customers: 

  • Discover, repair, and protect networked computing devices remotely 
  • Implement reactive system maintenance 
  • Customize manageability solutions with microservices and tools 

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SquareOne is the only solution compatible across Windows IoT, Linux and Android operating systems, enabling you to manage all your devices in a single system. SquareOne delivers operational flexibility and device coordination, leading to dramatically reduced costs, downtime and increased security.

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Reduce Service Costs

Keep your devices current with over-the-air updates, ensuring a great customer experience without deploying costly truck rolls

Improve Customer Experience

Support customers quickly and maximize device uptime with secure remote access

Optimize Device Coordination

Streamline your operations by integrating devices into your business systems through our intuitive APIs and distributed management

Accelerate Security Responsiveness

Deliver high security standards to your customers’ systems with elevated visibility into your device network, automated notifications, and patches deployed via encrypted communications

Expand Services, and Grow

Develop new revenue streams and extend your customer service with continuous device management

Introducing the Early Adopter Program

Early access to SquareOne is available for interested device manufacturers. This capacity-limited program is a great opportunity to explore the valuable features of SquareOne and work with us to inform the future of device management.

Features included in Early Adopter Program

  • Unlimited agent certificates and registration for your devices
  • Cloud based management portal with 1 admin and unlimited user logins
  • Device telemetry
  • Device health notifications
  • Package/software management
  • Group management
  • Remote access
  • Access to API documentation

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