Eliminating Blind Spots 
in Commercial Trucking with IoT

Learn how Internet of Things (IoT) technology strategies are revolutionizing approaches to vehicle operations. On-board diagnostics and telematics systems are a good first step, but they only offer a singular view and limited scalability. Bsquare Sr. Director of Products Dave McCarthy and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Head of Business Development for IoT and Mobile Mark Relph discuss:

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IoT and the Digitalization of
Oil and Gas Production

How the commercial trucking industry is already changing through IoT solutions, enabling accelerated vehicle repair times, reductions in service costs, and improving truck longevity

Watch now to learn how a complete IoT strategy can take your business processes beyond just simple data connectivity and visualization.

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IoT Solutions for Trucking 
and Transportation

Why there is a necessity for predictive failure, adaptive diagnostics, and condition-based maintenance to gain an advantage over competitors

How industry leaders are adopting IoT technology today

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