Conserve Resources

Cross Dedicated Device Lifecycle Solutions

Don’t waste time and resources compiling your own solutions for configuring, monitoring, updating, and improving devices. Whether you develop or manage connected device fleets, Bsquare’s combined expertise in OS, security, and custom management can keep your business moving forward.

The niche specialists on the Bsquare team enable you to focus on business growth rather than hiring various expensive outside experts. Accelerate time to market with one, coordinated platform across the entire dedicated device lifecycle.

Consolidate Tools

Cross Operating System and Device Type

Consolidated tools enable more streamlined growth. Bsquare’s device lifecycle solutions power optimized performance across operating systems and device types, so your team has complete visibility and control across one platform rather than many.

  • Build with security with a custom OS configuration solution that works on all dedicated device types critical to your missions.
  • Develop with purpose with IoT licensing solutions that are configurable for different operating systems and device types.
  • Manage with adaptability when you can view and optimize performance across entire fleets, regardless of operating system or device type.



Dedicated Device Fleet Management

Maintain and Manage Deployed Fleets

Bsquare’s SquareOne solution embeds in each device, creating efficiencies in device fleet management that continue to optimize after deployment.

Save time and money by conducting remote updates and keeping continuity with predictive maintenance and instant repairs and recovery. SquareOne also expands your insights as your fleets scale, enabling resource reduction as your business grows.

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Grow Your Business

Manage to Do More

The time and resources saved by Bsquare can boost your business success. 

  • Expand fleets into new geographies, capture new audiences or markets, or add capacity with streamlined management, device configuration and licensing that keep devices operating at peak performance. 
  • Close new customers by allocating resource savings to critical business functions like marketing, improving tech systems, or the operation of your devices. 
  • Augment your team with the expertise from Bsquare and capture the next business opportunity.

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Explore Our Other Device Lifecycle Solutions

Gain Total Control

SquareOne Dedicated Device Fleet Management

The final step in the dedicated device lifecycle, SquareOne’s comprehensive management solution allows you to ensure the ultimate future-proofing of your products. With SquareOne, ensure your product fleets are optimized and purpose-managed when they are in use to secure your reputation and build your business.

Build a Foundation of Security

Custom Software Solutions and OS Configuration

Bsquare’s custom software solutions and OS configuration help manage the complexities of building and using device fleets. Discover our custom software solutions to build and release securely with the confidence your devices will maintain their use and value longer.

Confidently Configure

Windows IoT Licensing

IoT licensing ensures your devices are configured and licensed to run smoothly. Accomplish digital transformation with the confidence that your devices are purpose-configured for their critical missions.